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Berkim Boya Kimya A.Ş, established in 2019, is a global chemical manufacturer producing a wide range of products in the textile industry. As a leading supplier in various markets we serve, we focus on providing innovative products and solutions while prioritizing safety and sustainability.

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All of our products are produced as first-class according to global standards.

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As Berkim Boya Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., we aim to maintain our competitiveness by offering a wide range of chemical products to our business partners in terms of price and performance, while providing high-quality service and ensuring unconditional customer satisfaction. We see trust as the key to sustainable success, and we strive to be a global chemical company that embraces respect for people and nature as the essence of our activities and aims to achieve business excellence through innovation and solution-oriented approaches. We are committed to working towards our goal.

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Our Products and Services

“You can use the links below to learn about our product and service groups, or you can contact our sales representative for more information.


“Scouring is a weaving preparation process that is carried out prior to weaving. The warp yarns are exposed to friction and tension during weaving. Scouring process is necessary to increase the resistance of the yarns.


A printing paste is a viscous solution composed of binding agents that bond the dye to the fiber, thickeners, and other auxiliary materials, which has a specific viscosity, used to attach the dye to the fabric.


Coating is basically a mechanism that is formed by wrapping the fabric around an aluminum tube. Although the characteristics of the fabrics used, such as pattern and color, may vary, the mechanism is the same throughout the coating industry.


Pre-treatment is the process of removing foreign substances from the fabric after it is produced from the weaving or knitting machine, by means of processes such as singeing, desizing, mercerization, and scouring.

Digital Printing

Digital printing refers to the process of printing on fabric, paper, or other surfaces using computer-based digital technologies. In textiles, digital printing is the rapid development of digital environments to print on fabric, paper, nylon, and other surfaces.


As Berkim Dyeing and Chemical Industry and Trade Inc., we are ready to listen to your opinions and suggestions.